visitor-centric innovation programs

We provide a range of programs to help destinations, tourism boards and tourism operators develop their visitor strategies whilst also building competency in innovation and visitor-centricity.

Our future growth executive program is designed to help senior executives create future strategies for growth. We work with evidence-based innovation methodologies including: Blue Ocean Strategy, customer innovation and design thinking.

We recommend bringing visitors and other key stakeholders (eg: locals) to these programs.

Our visitor innovation workshops are designed for executive, managers and decision makers. This program brings teams together to create better customer experiences and innovative customer value.


innovation & future growth program

This program is designed to bring key executives, stakeholders and managers together to design the strategy for future growth. We also encourage you to invite customers and/or stakeholders to planning workshops. Working with Blue Ocean Strategy®, design thinking and customer-centric innovation frameworks and tools the executive team sets the strategic agenda and develops key initiatives for future growth.

This program is focussed on helping executives look beyond assumptions and established market boundaries to identify opportunities for the creation of new customer value and identify new markets for growth. It can lead to the creation of differentiated value that competitors find hard to replicate.

The framework is designed to minimise the cost of innovation and growth strategy whilst significantly mitigating strategic and operational risk.


co-design visitor innovation workshops

This workshop program brings teams together to develop new insights into visitor experience and co-create ideas for creating exceptional visitor value and experiences. We recommend inviting visitors and stakeholders (eg: locals) to the session.

You will develop new insights into visitor, look across the visitor journey and look to trends taking place in the industry.

You will come away ideas for creating a unique value proposition, attract new markets, and design exceptional and unique visitor experiences.


innovative & customer-centric culture programs

We can help you build a culture where all members of the team play an active role in developing and executing innovation and creating exceptional customer value.

We deliver a suite of services for innovation and change leaders including diagnostics, workshops and individual/team coaching. We help you develop individual and team competencies and train you in tools that facilitate better innovation, collaboration and execution.

Our programs focus on: building personal and team resilience, leading innovation culture and overcoming innovation execution hurdles.