innovative & customer-centric culture programs

We can help you build a culture where all members of the team play an active role in developing and executing innovation and creating exceptional customer value.

Our programs focus on: building personal and team resilience, leading innovation culture and overcoming innovation execution hurdles. We apply leading international frameworks including: Balanced Scorecard, Tipping Point Leadership and Theory U.

Who should participate

Change makers, decision-makers, innovation leaders, and internal champions for innovation and customer-centricity. We encourage engaging staff across business units and at different levels of seniority.

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TALY innovation personality profiling & workshops

TALY’s Innovation Personality Profile is designed to build awareness of individual, team and organisational innovation traits.

The TALY diagnostic includes a comprehensive diagnostic, followed by detailed personal and team reports and a half-day workshop. It will help you to:

  • understand team dynamics – how to maximise innovation performance by co-ordinating the unique contributions of each personality within the team
  • maximise outcomes – strengthen team performance throughout the innovation process
  • create a systemised approach to problem/solution – getting the right (people) and tools for the job
  • empower managers and staff with personalised training solutions based on the individual’s unique personality


Tipping Point Leadership: executing change

Unfortunately, great ideas don’t always sell themselves. Where there is innovation and change there are execution hurdles.

Tipping Point Leadership (TPL) is the execution principle of Blue Ocean Strategy. It identifies 4 executions hurdles: the cognitive, resource, motivational and political hurdles.

How well you identify and address each hurdle will determine how effectively you are able to innovate and change as an organisation. 

We train TPL through a simulated case study and card game (half-day session). Attendees will learn about the strategies that will help them overcome hurdles and successfully execute strategy, innovation and change.

We provide ongoing support helping your change leaders to create strategies to successfully execute innovation and cultural change.


leading innovation & change

We work with you to create a program of workshops and individual/team coaching to help you create an innovative culture that can see innovative ideas through to implementation.

Our programs include:

  • developing entrepreneurial traits (individual & team)
  • the psychology of change
  • building personal and team resilience
  • collaborating for innovation and change