bringing customers to the centre of innovation and strategic planning.


At thinkplayact we are driven by the belief that innovation and growth are ignited by bringing people and ideas together in the spirit of co-creation. We believe that when we place the customer at the centre of our strategic thinking and day-to-day decision making, innovation naturally happens.

We work with you to map your vision for the future, design innovation initiatives and create customer-centric strategies that will lead to exceptional customer experiences and sustainable new growth. We help you do this by bringing together the world’s leading innovation frameworks, methodologies and evidence-based practices.

Innovation is not achieved through a one-off strategy but rather through the creation of a culture and practices that promote continuous innovation and growth. To this end our work with you will be collaborative and co-creative. We will help you develop managers and teams who are innovative, adaptive and customer-centric.

We offer specialist programs for the tourism industry, member-based organisations and the services sector.



innovation strategy consulting

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We work with your team to create customer-centric innovation strategies and implementation plans.

We provide strategic advisory services and strategy development whilst ensuring your team also develops the skills required to drive innovation forward.


customer-centric innovation programs

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Our in-house programs will help bring customer-centric innovation to the centre of organisational strategy and decision making.

We help you develop customer-centric and innovative culture across the organisation from the executive to the front line.


customer journey and experience

Our customer research, customer journey mapping and customer experience workshops will transform the way you see your business, industry and customer.

We offer a unique opportunity to engage with your customers, through our customer journey and experience programs. It will lead to surprising insights and to the development of new ideas to transform and grow your business.


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