creating member-centric innovation

Member-based organisations like many industries are being challenged by powerful economic and societal trends that are disrupting the traditional membership model.

Many member-based organisations are challenged by changing regulatory environments, digital disruption and emerging industries competing in their traditional space.

Members are armed with access to more information, greater power and high expectations that member services will be tailored to their specific life situation and needs.

These disruptions require organisations to reshape member models and member services that deliver value across the entire member journey in order to remain competitive and profitable. Building innovative practices and placing the member at the centre of your strategic planning and decision making will be fundamental to your success.

We have over 25 years working with member-based organisations including: superannuation, industry and professional bodies,  and insurance. We can work with your team to develop the competencies and strategies to grow membership and create exceptional member value.

member innovation strategy

We work with you to craft a member-centric innovation strategy that will help you develop commercially viable innovation and exceptional member experiences in the short, mid and long-term. 

We work with you to prioritise, pilot and test your ideas: thus ensuring the right ideas are taken to market while the cost and risk of innovation is simultaneously reduced.

Our consulting projects are tailored to your strategic priorities and usually include a blend of different frameworks and methodologies. We work with a suite of global evidence-based frameworks and practices including:

  • Blue Ocean Strategy®
  • Design thinking
  • Theory U
  • Business Model Generation
  • Balanced Scorecard principles

member innovation programs

We develop tailored programs to support member-based organisations understand the new competitive landscape and create the strategies for future growth.

We will work with you to create member value propositions, membership models and member services that will differentiate you from competitors and will ensure your long term success in a changing world.

We will support you in developing teams who put member experience and value at the centre of their strategic thinking and day-to-day decision making.

Our programs include:

  • Diagostics
  • Member innovation workshops
  • Member co-creation workshops
  • Business model innovation
  • Blue Ocean Strategy

member experience

We offer a unique opportunity to engage with your members, through our customer journey and experience programs. It will lead to surprising insights and to the development of new ideas to transform and grow your business.

Our services include:

  • member experience research
  • member journey & experience mapping
  • member co-creation workshops
  • customer experience strategy

Client Stories

(note: given the nature of our work we do not name our clients).

Strategic Realignment - Leading Super Fund

We led the Board of a leading 'all profit for members' super fund to re-align its strategic plan to be customer-centric, growth oriented and responsive to regulatory change. The project included a governance review and training. The strategy was redesigned to ensure the fund was:

  • meeting the changing needs of its members
  • products and services were tailored to member life stages and needs
  • growth oriented (not just compliance focused)
  • mitigating net outflow ratios
  • performance was measured around customer outcomes
  • able to respond to regulatory and industry changes

Customer Innovation - Leading Super Fund

We led the executive of a leading 'all profits to members' super fund in an customer innovation program (which is still expanding). To date is has led to:

  • identification of new customer value propositions
  • creation of value and tailored products to meet needs of specific member segments and life stages
  • creating a better user experience for online and offline users
  • aligned services, support and information with members based on their needs, knowledge and confidence in super management
  • creating communities to support members