creating future growth through innovation

Our future growth programs combine executive workshops, research, customer journey mapping and cross-industry research, impact analysis, and a suite of co-creating programs of initiative validation. 

The program outlined above is our typical consulting model. As every organisation has its own unique vision for the future and growth trajectory we work with you to design the right program for your organisation. We can develop a program that brings together one or more of the following components.

  • visioning sessions (executive & board)
  • strategic planning sessions (executive & board)
  • blue ocean strategy workshops
  • cross industry & new markets research
  • customer & non-customer research
  • co-design workshops (with customers & stakeholders)
  • business case writing & analysis
  • ideas fair consultation
  • prototyping and testing
  • implementation planning & execution

Each of the activities above can stand alone as a separate project.

executive future growth - introductory workshops (2Days)

Our two-day future growth workshop introduces boards and executive teams to the key principles and strategic tools of blue ocean strategy and innovation. It commences the strategic planning process for new growth. These workshops are designed to build initial competency and engages the team in new ways to hold strategic conversations. Participants will learn how to reframe their view of industry, customer and market places in order to gain new insights into customers/ non-customers and industry.

Armed with these insights, participants will then work with leading innovation frameworks to look beyond their assumptions and established market boundaries to create innovative ideas for building innovative products and services, attracting new markets and creating exceptional customer value.

At the completion of a two-day workshop, you will have a list of quick-win initiatives that can be easily implemented and a suite of game-changing opportunities for further evaluation.

typical workshop format

A typical two day workshop may include:

  • Strategic issues & change agenda
  • PMS Mapping (growth trajectory across products/services)
  • Strategy Canvas (how industry competes, our competitive position)
  • Customer Utility Mapping
  • Non-customer & new market mapping
  • 6 paths of Innovation - looking across market boundaries for insights & ideas for growth
  • Ideation - new growth opportunities
  • Execution - prioritisation & action planning