“The breadth and depth of your presentation was outstanding: relevant, insightful and inspiriting in equal measure. You really won the hearts and minds of people here”.

J. Isherwood GM DRM Tourism (Organiser Regional Tourism Conference 2016)


TICT conference 2016

TICT conference 2016

looking beyond: how customers ignite innovation
(40 mins including polling & interactive activity)

Not since the industrial revolution has industry witnessed such a period of change. Digital disruption, globalisation and  emerging economies are changing customers. The businesses that thrive in this new world will be innovative, agile and customer-centric.

Robynne explains how innovation is within the reach of any business. It is not about creating completely new ideas, or massive capital expenditure. Rather it is about looking beyond your business and industry to see through the lens of the customer. Robynne will demonstrate how customer-centricity can ignite innovation and transform businesses.

Key themes:

  • How disruption impacts your business

  • Technology is not the innovation!

  • Seeing through the lens of the customer

  • Looking beyond the competition and market boundaries

  • Steps to innovation

DMR regional tourism conference 2016

DMR regional tourism conference 2016

bringing customers and innovation to the boardroom
(40 mins including polling & interactive activity)

At a time of unprecedented change for all industries, innovation has become one of the key determinants of organisational success. What does this mean for Boards? Robynne will explain why innovation has become the essential capability for effective Boards.

This session is designed to help Directors think about how they can make a difference the Boards and organisations they represent.

Key themes:

  • Why innovation has become an essential competence for effective Boards

  • The role of the Board in innovation

  • Bringing customers to the heart of strategy and Board decision-making

  • Looking beyond the competition and market boundaries – the key to innovative growth

  • How you can bring innovation to your boardroom.

networking breakfast sydney 2015

networking breakfast sydney 2015

how to think like an innovator
(30min keynote)

Innovative thinking is the single most importance management competence for the future. In today’s fast changing world, companies and boards are seeking innovative managers who can create and lead innovative teams. But how do you become more innovative?

Robynne explains how becoming innovative doesn’t start with what you do; its starts with how you think.  

Innovation is not the domain of the chosen few: all of us can become innovative if we know how. It is about questioning our assumptions about our jobs, our businesses and the world we live in. It’s about seeing the world through a different lens.

Robynne reveals the one distinguishing skill that creates great innovators and the three foundation behaviours that will help you become an innovative manager and create an innovative team.