tourism innovation framework

thinkplayact has created a unique collaboration and innovation framework for the visitor sector. Our framework enables tourism sector stakeholders to create an integrated and collaborative approach to visitor strategy across regions, industries and stakeholder groups.

This framework is underpinned by global best-practice and evidence-based strategic principles, methods and tools that have been adopted by governments and the visitor sector organisations across the globe.

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collaboration & Innovation framework

This program is the first step in creating a umbrella framework which brings tourism bodies and industry stakeholders together to create an integrated and innovative approach to visitor strategy and industry development.

It brings together the industry’s key decision makers to bring new thinking and ideas to increasing visitation, maximising existing resources, finding new revenue streams and working with each other.

This framework is also applied for development of infrastructure and product development.

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co-design seamless visitor experiences

This program takes place in each individual region and brings together key stakeholders to co-design a seamless visitor experience (within and beyond regional boundaries).

Visitor research, visitor journey maps and regional stories will be central to the development of innovative visitor strategies. Leading global innovation frameworks are applied to support participants in developing a suite of innovative ideas (and innovation competencies) with the visitor experience at its heart.

This is a new approach to stakeholder consultation that will deeply engage stakeholders and develop a groundswell of support for regional tourism initiatives.



visitor journey & experience mapping

Visitor journey and experience mapping is based on visitor journey and experience research, tracking, depth interviews and visitor insights workshops. These unique and substantial insights into the visitor journey and experience across a region/s and its products then inform the development of strategic priorities relative (but not limited) to:

  • visitor infrastructure
  • product development
  • collaboration projects (across regions)
  • visitor initiatives
  • marketing and promotion

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