co-designing exceptional customer value

Our co-design programs bring your executive and/or functional teams together with customers and/or stakeholders to develop unique insights into customers and explore new ways to develop exceptional customer value and experience.

The program outlined above is a typical co-design model. As every organisation has its own unique challenges and visions for the future we work with you to design the right program for your organisation. We can develop a program that brings together one or more of the following components.

  • visioning sessions
  • customer insights workshops
  • customer journey & experience
  • customer experience & backend process
  • cross-industry research for innovation
  • aligning business processes with customer journey & experience
  • ideation for exceptional customer experience
  • ideation for innovative new customer value
  • ideation for operational efficiencies and shared resources

Each of the activities below can stand alone as a separate project.

customer innovation - introductory workshops (2Days)

Our two-day customer innovation workshops introduce your teams (and customers) to the key principles and strategic tools of customer-centricity and innovation. It builds competency and engages the team in new ways to hold strategic conversations. Participants will learn how to reframe their view of their customer and unique insights into the customer journey and experience.

Armed with these insights, participants will then work with leading innovation frameworks that help them look beyond their assumptions and established market boundaries to create innovative ideas for creating exceptional customer experience. In addition these programs can support teams in creating better internal collaboration and lead to identification of operational efficiencies and shared resources.

Ideas explored in day two include:

  • creating exceptional customer experience
  • co-designing new customer value (products/services)
  • aligning business processes to customer journey & experience
  • identifying operational efficiencies and shared resources

At the completion of a two-day workshop, you will have a list of quick-win initiatives that can be easily implemented and a suite of game-changing opportunities for further evaluation.