customer innovation programs

Our corporate and industry workshop programs will help your team become more customer-centric and innovative. Our programs include diagnostics, workshops and check-in sessions. Programs are framed around your specific challenges so you come away with actionable ideas for innovation and value creation.

We offer a range of executive and whole-of-business workshops to ensure the whole organisation is focussed on customers and innovation.

Developing team competency in innovation and customer centricity is fundamental to achieving innovation and superior customer outcomes for your organisation. These are learned skills that require practice.

Our programs include:

  • Diagnostics (innovation culture & performance)

  • Workshops

  • Implementation & coaching sessions

future growth program (executive)

The future growth program for board, senior executives and management is designed to build competency and apply innovation frameworks to drive strategies for future growth.

The program brings together Blue Ocean Strategy, design thinking and customer innovation principles.

The program comprises three integrated (and independent) programs including:

  • innovation profile & personality (diagnostics & team workshops)

  • future growth workshop (2 days)

  • future growth strategy program (12-16 weeks)


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co-design customer innovation

This program is designed to support all staff from the executive team to the front-line.

We encourage you to bring customers to workshops for a truly transformative experience (for you and your customers).

The program includes a range of diagnostics, co-design workshops and innovation programs. The program comprises:

  • co-design workshops

  • customer journey & experience workshops

  • co-design customer innovation program (12-16 weeks)


creating innovative & customer-centric cultures

We can help you build a culture where all members of the team play an active role in developing and executing innovation and creating exceptional customer value.

Our services include diagnostics, workshops and individual/team coaching.

Our programs focus on: building resilience, leading innovation culture and overcoming execution hurdles. The program comprises:

  • TALY innovation & personality profiling

  • Tipping Point Leadership: overcoming execution hurdles

  • leading innovation & change

Deutsche Telekom TSI - Leaders customer innovation workshop - Bonn Germany March 2019

Deutsche Telekom TSI - Leaders customer innovation workshop - Bonn Germany March 2019