customer experience

We help you bring customers to the centre of your planning and decision making.

Our customer research, customer journey mapping and customer experience workshops will transform the way you see your business, industry and customer.

Our programs will help you create exceptional customer experience. Innovation will feel effortless. You will find creative solutions to engage customers, create exceptional customer experiences and attract new markets.


customer experience research

Working with leading ethnographic and customer experience researchers we look deeply into customer needs and behaviours to develop rich insights into customer journey and experience.

We look beyond standard research practices to find unique insights into experiences customers will not tell us through traditional research methods.  We even bring customers and clients together to collaborate and share ideas through our unique customer insights workshops.

Our research services include:

  • ethnographic & depth research
  • observation research
  • customer journey & experience tracking
  • customer insights workshops (bringing clients & customers together)

customer journey & experience mapping

Understanding your customers' journey and experience can lead to the creation of new customer value, unique customer experience and new market opportunities. It can lead to the creation of customer value that competitors will find difficult to replicate.

Our designers will translate your customers experiences (touchpoints, behaviours, emotions and pain points) into visual maps. Customer journey & experience maps can help you develop a more customer-centric lens. The current-state map supports your strategic conversation for change and initiative development. The future-state map facilitates the communication of your vision to internal teams, customers and stakeholders.


customer co-creation workshops

Our customer co-creation workshops will transform the way you see your business and your customers. It will also transform the way your customers see you.

Our co-creation programs bring you together with your customers. Working alongside each other you will gain surprising new insights into customer experience and co-create innovative ideas for future growth.


"The program has reinforced the importance of substantive interaction between industry and customers to ensure a mutually beneficial relationship. "

Senior Manager Rio Tinto (a customer attending a 3 day co-creation workshop)