We work with your team to create customer-centric innovation strategies and implementation plans. We provide strategic advisory services and strategy development whilst ensuring your team also develops the skills required to drive innovation forward.

We support you to achieve:

  • competitive advantage through innovation and new value creation
  • creation of unique customer value and experiences that drive customer growth, retention and loyalty
  • identification of new growth markets
  • collaboration and co-creation across internal silos and external stakeholder groups
  • implementation plans that align operations with strategy

customer-centric innovation strategy

We work with you to craft a customer-centric innovation strategy that will help you develop commercially viable innovation and exceptional customer experiences in the short, mid and long-term. 

We work with you to prioritise, pilot and test your ideas: thus ensuring the right ideas are taken to market and the cost and risk of innovation is reduced.

Our consulting projects are tailored to your strategic priorities and usually include a blend of different frameworks and methodologies. We work with a suite of global evidence-based frameworks and practices including:

  • Blue Ocean Strategy®
  • Design thinking
  • Theory U
  • Business Model Generation
  • Balanced Scorecard principles
Blue ocean strategy sequence

Blue ocean strategy sequence

blue ocean strategy

The leading global innovation framework, Blue Ocean Strategy® is behind many of the world’s leading brands and government initiatives. Blue Ocean Strategy argues that tomorrow’s leading companies will succeed, not by battling competitors but by looking across established market boundaries to find new value and opportunities for growth.

Its core principle is the concept of ‘value innovation’, the simultaneous pursuit of differentiation and low-cost strategy.

We are qualified practitioners in Blue Ocean Strategy and part of a global network of practitioners and industry specialists.

customer journey & experience

Understanding your customer’s experience is the first step in creating new customer value, innovation and new growth. It leads to the creation of customer value that competitors find difficult to replicate.

We offer a unique opportunity to engage with your customers, through our customer journey and experience programs. It will lead to surprising insights and to the development of new ideas to transform and grow your business.

Our services include:

  • customer experience research
  • customer journey & experience mapping
  • customer co-creation workshops
  • customer experience strategy